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Overview Support Services

Our organisation offers a comprehensive range of technical support and customer service solutions, which can be categorised as follows :

  1. Training and Consultancy
  2. Hardware and Software Support
  3. Call Centre and Helpdesk
  4. Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

1. Training and consultancy

We are dedicated to offering user enablement services, which involve constantly equipping our customers with the necessary knowledge, resources, and support to maximise the value they derive from our products and services. In addition, we provide comprehensive training and consulting options, both online and offline, to ensure that our customers fully comprehend how to utilise and optimise our solutions.

2. Hardware and software support

We offer professional offsite and onsite support for both hardware and software issues through maintenance contracts or outsourcing on an ad-hoc or assignment-based basis. Our support coverage is comprehensive and includes deployment services, asset tagging, installation, and stock take support etc. With support teams located in  Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam we are able to extend our services to a wide range of locations.

3. Call centre and helpdesk

Our Group provides offsite support and troubleshooting services to our maintenance customers through phone and email. We also have a computerised help desk system for efficiently logging and tracking cases. Our dedicated call desk teams are always vigilant, continuously monitoring and ready to provide rapid and accurate troubleshooting by efficiently routing calls.

4. Preventive and corrective maintenance

Our team of expert engineers is available seven days a week to provide inspection, on-site repair, and maintenance services. With customer service offices located in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore, we are able to offer convenient and efficient support. Our services include remote diagnosis and the supply of spare parts. In addition, we prioritise periodic preventive maintenance to ensure that your equipment is operating smoothly and to minimise any unexpected failures.